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Buy russian language books, books in Russian

KnigaX is an online bookstore which specializes in Russian language books.

The biggest collection of books in Russian for Russian speakers, learners and lovers.

The idea of such a bookstore is quite simple: to make Russian language books accessible for bookworms who appreciate it. No matter, if you're a sophisticated connoisseur of masterpieces of Russian literature or just started learning Russian - we are sure that our bookstore contains something that will exactly satisfy your literary taste.

We have a large stock of Russian books - classical, contemporary, prose, poetry, dictionaries and anything else you can't even imagine! All the books are carefully arranged according to their subjects. The search process is very easy - you can find the book you want according to the section it belongs to, according to the title or author's name.

We provide our readers with the latest publications in Russian. KnigaX is full of tender care for customers - regular discounts, sales, quick shipping and everything that does your shopping easy and comfortable.

Our collection of books covers all the possible topics and varieties. We also have a collection of books for children, instruction books and decoration supplies for Easter and Christmas!

Explore the world of Russian literature with KnigaX!

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