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Russian literature. Literature in Russian, new Russian books

Welcome to KnigaX - the biggest collection of Russian literature!

The works of Russian literature are quintessence of deep imagery, philosophy, moments of laughter and moments of tragedy. The biographies of Russian writers themselves seem to be chapters of great and often tragic works of literature. Discovering the world of Russian literature you broaden your worldview and grow up as an experienced reader.

Of course, you can try to find books in Russian in University libraries or large bookstores ( that sometimes have a section of Russian literature), but there is simplier solution!

Do not waste your time looking for the Russian book you need!

We've gathered masterpieces of Russian literature, making them accessible for Canadian reader.

This online bookshop is an embodiment of love for Russian literature and Russian language. There is a wide collection of literature in Russian - classic literary masterpieces of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and other geniuses of Russia literature, and new Russian books of talented contemporary Russian writers.

We carefully follow the latest publications of books in Russian. No matter if you're a passionate lover or just a modest admirer of Russian literature - join our friendly community of bookworms to enjoy easy and convenient book shopping!

The process of shipping is easy and quick - just try and make yourself sure!

We hope, you'll be satisfied with our service!

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