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Russian books in Canada. Russian Book Stores.

Welcome to the KnigaX – the largest online source of Russian books!

Russia is rich in outstanding authors and great books. Russian literature gave birth to thousands of great Russian books admired by millions of readers around the world. Discover fascinating world of Russian Literature with Kniga X! Hundreds of classical and contemporary Russian books are available at our website – choose any!

KnigaX is one of the largest online Russian bookstores which offers more than 10,000 titles of Russian books, magazines, videos, audio books and other Russian language materials. Russian books lovers will appreciate vast choice of Russian books at affordable prices. Our catalogue contains wide variety of Russian books, periodicals, movies, CDs and more. We strive to extend the choice of Russian books constantly to indulge our customers with new arrivals.

The format of online bookstore allows us to sell Russian books worldwide. We strive to provide customers all over the world buy Russian books without any difficulties. With KnigaX you’ll never ask a question “where to buy Russian books?”

Our online Russian bookstore presents the best and the most popular Russian books of various genres and subject areas. Each page contains detailed information about the book and the author. Cover illustrations will help you to make certain that it’s exactly the book you are looking for. Convenient search will help you to find the book you like in a few seconds.

In a simple way, you can get Russian books you like using our comfortable search. If you can’t find a Russian book you like you can leave your request and we’ll find it for you!

Get your Russian books from Kniga X!

KnigaX is the best source for Russian books ever! We sell Russian books all over the world!                                

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